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bloody pancakes

bloody pancakes--agirlandagluegun.com

these bloody pancakes are the easiest things to make! totally gross and gruesome and I don’t’ know why bloody things are something I totally love this year!

you just use THIS recipe

divine syrup--best syrup recipe EVER

also known as…. the best syrup in the history of pancakes It’s hands down the yummiest stuff to put in your stomach.

I would drink it…if it weren’t for the 2 cups of sugar.

anyways…you make it…and then put in…the secret ingredient! red food coloring

okay–it’s not too secret. just some red food coloring.

the kind that comes in the bottle is much more rich in color (aka…not pink)

The syrup foams up when you make it…so the foam will look a little pink–but once it cools it will be BLOOD RED…

bloody pancakes --divine syrup with red food coloring bloody pancakes bloody syrup pancakes

 Let your kids enjoy their halloween pancakes!!!

bloody pancakes --a girl and a glue gun

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