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Archives for September 2014

halloween costumes, gothic makeup, frozen stuff…..(its all inclusive)

(I was sent these halloween costumes to review. all opinions are my own)   You know. A few years ago…I LOVED making my kids halloween costumes. I loved shopping for the fabric and spending all day trying to give my kids exactly what they wanted.   But as life has gone on…and my kids have […]

sequin spider web canvas

I’m so excited about this project… and then when I go to take pictures…my excitement died. These dang sequins!!! They shimmer and shine and are the hardest thing to snap a good picture of! But This canvas is still super fun sitting on my table!!! I had an old canvas (if you see one at […]

tuitty fruitty…oh rudy.

The weather has been absolutely  beautiful the past few weeks….It has been feeling more like summer than…well..summer. But we must bid ado..since leaves are falling and the halloween decorations are stocked up at the store! So…let’s go out with a summer bang! with a fun fruity roundup!!! dear summer, we love you. come back SOON. […]

divine syrup–literally the best syrup HANDS DOWN. ever. in the history of pancakes. So delicious. pinky promise.

and i ain’t a liar! I promise you this guys….If you eat this one time..you will not be able to go back to regular syrup!!! We went up to my mom’s house and she fed it to us! life changing. LIFE. CHANGING.  I half this recipe and it feeds me and my three kids! when […]

monster trail mix bar

I’ve put together a whole trail mix bar (called monster mix!) add in what gross ingredients you want and enjoy! You can go HERE to see it all put together and examples of what I have paired with each printable!!! Everything is from the dollar store!! score!! Make sure to read all about it here […]

For when life gives you lemons….

Dolen diaries posted this cute idea a few weeks back…   and I loved it with my whole heart. You know..sometimes you have people in your life that is having a bad go at things. It happens…And I always want to do something-just to let them know I’m thinking about them. And this was just […]

easy halloween drink with peep straws!

today i’m part of the cupcake diaries fun series…30 days of Halloween!! 30 days of fun treats, printables, and all sorts of yummy things! and today i’m up (come back later today to see my awesome food friday post!) I don’ t consider myself a foodie…unless you  count stuffing your face with other people’s food–cause […]

throwback thursday–barbie bed

I love who ever decided thursday should be throwback day….I have so much junk amazingness on this blog that I sometimes I don’t even remember posting about it til i see it happenchance on my pinterest!   One of my most popular posts is the barbie house out of a cheap shelf (cause i’m way to cheap […]

straw building guest post for funner in the summer

This posted over at 30 handmade days for her funner in the summer series!!! But these fun straw sculptures can be done during the summer…or winter months!!! It’s a great way to keep your kids entertained and tap into their creativity!!! the best part is that straws are CHEAP!!! and you only need these and […]

throwback thursday–do you doodle book?

this is one of my children’s favoritest things… a do you doodle notebook I made one for my niece HERE (as well as a cute what do you see notepad where I draw a squiggle line and she has to turn it into something… I made a bunch of printables for you…you just need to […]

the easiest maxi skirt using ruffle fabric!

guys. girls . you. I love ruffle fabric. I do. It’s the prettiest stuff…and It’s so easy to work with (no fraying…ie…no hemming!) You can sew a basic skirt…and it just looks so…amazing! like you worked so hard on it! when in all honestly..it took about 30 minutes!   this is the fabric i scored…a […]

Don’t eat Pete roundup! and printables

dont' eat pete roundup

Oh snap….printables.

  Happy labor day everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying this fun day! (fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!) I decided today i would leave you with some inspiring thoughts for this non working day…..   remember many moons (april) when I went to snap blog conference?  it was hands down one of the […]