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hooded bath towel–easy tutorial!!!

My daughter got a hooded bath towel when she was a babe….and she has worn it to rags. She asked me to “hot glue a new one” (cause hot glue is the answer to everything in this house.) I didn’t hot glue…but sewed it instead.

hooded bath towel with ruffles and intial

and guess what…it’s super easy!!!!

hooded towel how to


take the hand towel and fold in half.

fold hand towel in half


you are going to cut this shape out…about 10 inches up…(You can totally adjust this for bigger or smaller kids)

cut out hand towel


You are going to put right sides together and sew right along with where you cut…

since terry cloth has a good fray to it…I put on a zig zag stitch to finish the edges (you can be all fancy and use a serger….)

sew around hooded towel

turn it right sides out and lay out…find the middle of your bath towel and match it up with the middle of your hand towel…and sew the bottom of that to the top of your bath towel….

how to sew a hooded towel

you have sewn yourself a hooded bath towel! congrats to you.

but since you are now the master of your domain (aka your sewing machine)

let’s fancy that sucker up!!!

I added a fun initial

initial on hooded towel

and some ruffles around the hood edge

ruffled hood for towel

hooded towel with ruffles

it is perfect for pool side (super awesome that i’m posting it right before fall….#slackercity) It stays on and is easy to wrap up in.

hooded beach towel for summer

(don’t mind her face. it is what it is. this photo shoot cost me an ice cream cone and some chapstick. hooded towel wrap up

diy you can sew your own hooded towel


but keep on going…you can turn these hooded towels into just about anything you can think of! hooded towel roundup

toothless towel || monster towel ||  ruffled kimono ||   panda bear towel || embellished towel || princess towel || superhero towels || mermaid towels || towel dress || minnie mouse towel ||  yoda towel || frog towel ||pirate towel || shark towel || football towel || hooded towel to back pack || belle towel coverup


and this towel pattern is pretty darn awesome! you know..if my baby wasn’t six. il_570xN.327976311

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