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Layered ice cream cake…EASY!!!

I don’t know what it is about ice cream cake…i mean i eat ice cream…on the side of cake. but it’s not the same.

  easy layered ice cream cake

ice cream cake..it’s my favorite. FAVORITE!!!! and this is the EASY PEASY WAY to make a layered ice cream cake easy layered ice cream cake



and guess what…it’s SO STINKING EASY!!! You just need a cake (you can make this from scratch…but let’s get serious…that’s just another step!) some ice cream (it NEEDS to come in a square carton) and frosting (also can be homemade…)

layered cake ingredients


make cake according to directions..and instead of a 9×13…you are going to put it in a cookie sheet (which will cut off some baking time since it won’t be as thick.) and cook. (making sure to spray non-stick spray!!)


after it cools (completely COOLS) you will cut it into 4 even sections. Place some wax paper on a cutting board and place your first rectangle of cake.

cake how to


take your ice cream carton…open package completly and slice ice cream (I sliced 5 slices)

cake and ice cream cake


then you start layering (work fast..ice cream MELTS!) I pieced together the ice cream parts…(my last cookie sheet was a little smaller so the cake and ice cream fit perfectly and i only cut the ice cream into 3 parts..thus eliminating the piecing together. then throw on a piece of cake…then ice cream…then piece of cake…repeat!

layered ice cream cake k




hurry and wrap it in saran wrap and throw back in freezer (Okay..my sister was taking pictures as I worked..and she was mocking my blogging and took pictures of EVERYTHING….

chocolate ice cream cake how to


after it set back up i.e.  the ice cream isn’t mooshy…take it back out. you can trim it down and make it look all nice and frost it…

but I went the easy route…put the frosting in the microwave for 20 seconds until it was runny and poured it over the cake….

either serve IMMEDIATELY or put back in fridge. After frosting is cold you will need to wrap it back in saran wrap (to prevent freezer burn)  YUMMY ice cream cake

it’s so good guys. I’m salivating as I look at this picture…and i’m not that great of a photographer. easy peasy layered cake and ice cream

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