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the one where I act like a marriage expert.

Today is my husband’s birthday.


he is old.


than me. ha! I heard a thing on the radio that said the average adult feels like they are 11 years younger than they actually are. That would make my husband 25.


so yeah. that’s about right.

The other day at church we had a lesson on marriage which inspired this conversation with my husband.

Me: On a scale of one to ten how would you rate our marriage (ten being good)

husband: an 8.

Me: 8. that’s pretty good. I’ll take it.

Me: what about when we lived in ST. George (about half way through our marriage)

Husband: a 3.

me: lol.

Me: what about that first year of marriage?

Husband: a zero.

me: really? a zero?

Husband: yeah. I remember thinking, “i didn’t sign on for this $%^#.”



and I laughed..only cause I can totally remember that first year of marriage. and laying in bed thinking. Man. this is hard.

cause guess what. Marriage is HARD.


It’s two completely different people..raised on different standards. trying to live one life together.

(related sidenote rant: here’s the problem I have with the bachelorette/bachelor tv series:


Yeah. like it’s hard to date someone when you A. have no “real problems” and are laying by a pool all day tanning waiting for your group date. and B. when you do go on said date…it’s somewhere fabulous flown in on a helicopter…with bono singing to you as you eat.


here’s what I want to see on the bachelorette: the lady handing every guy a string of Christmas lights tangled into a huge knot…and see who keeps their cool.

or the guys all babysitting like 35 kids. under the age of 5.

Or. a hidden camera as the guy has to drive to the date destination and he’s already 10 minutes late.

OR give them some money and a pile of bills and see how they manage it.

OR a video tour of their sleeping arrangements to see who is neat and who is a disgusting pig.



cause THAT is real life.

it just blows my mind when the act all shocked when it doesn’t work it.

(rant over)


me and husband are night and day- and I used to think that was a bad thing. How did I end up marrying a man that is so my opposite?

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My husband is a go go go go go. I’m a homebody. that first year of marriage he wanted to go do this..go do that. and i wanted him to stay at home and play uno and watch law and order svu. and we fought about it.

(Now I realize–we don’t have to do everything together. If my husband stayed at home as much as I wanted him too…I would never get ANYTHING done. (seriously. this blog was started while he was commuting and gone for two weeks. I honestly bet that if he had a 9 to 5 in town I would have quit that first year of blogging!)

He’s always hot. I’m always freezing.

He loves watching sports center and every/any sport. I hate sports. all sports. sports on tv makes me want gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon. (but guess what? I can name a ton of Dallas cowboy players and Miami heat players and I know way too much about the nfl draft picks.)

He’s style is stuck in 2000. (doc martens and lucky jeans anyone?) I wear something “stylish” (ie skinny jeans) and he looks at me like I have two heads.

He is salty. I am sweet (I was speaking in “snack terms” but he goes to the gym alot..so he salty. and i AM sweet. so double meaning)

He loves video games.  I’ve never played them.

He’s a pop drinker. I only drink water.

His sense of humor is jacka$$ (the tv show) my sense of humor is whose line is it anyway?


He buys the most expensive of …everything. (If I had a quarter every time I have heard “you get what you pay for”…I could pay to get whose line back on air.) I literally scan the prices looking for the cheapest price. then I use a coupon.

I read books. He reads nutritional facts  on the back of crackers.

He hates disneyland. (this was not known to me until after we were married…or I probably wouldn’t have married him. BUT he had a letter K keychain with mickey mouse engraved on it…and I totally was like, he loves Disneyland. later found out some “hot”  girl gave it to him and that’s why he had it on his keys. FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!.

We are complete opposites. 6c0f6d27dd7ead1f3142332cd36f809f

Now I only tell you that because high school and college Kim would lay there dreaming about this husband that would go to art exhibits holding hands and then we would lay in bed reading books and discussing who was better…jacob or edward.  And then saving up and taking everyone to disneyland and getting pictures with us all in matching mickey ears.

And If someone had told that Kim, ‘hey, you are going to marry someone that hates all that crap you just said.

‘” I would say, Nope. not getting married then.”


But guess what. Old wise kim is pretty danged happy.  (I mean…it took 11 years to get to an eight status.)

I love that he is the ying to my yang. he’s silly when i’m serious. he’s stern when i’m too tired to care anymore.

I love that when I’m on day 3 of not leaving the house he will force me out to have some fun.

I love that we can be across a room from each other and someone else will say something insanely stupid and we can look at each other and know exactly what each other is thinking.

I love that when I clean up I will bend over in front of  him and he will always grab my butt. cause that makes me feel good. even though there is getting more and more to grab.

I love that he will make out with me in public.

I love that when I drone on about DFP and SEO and mandy and hot glue he pretends like he is interested (kinda like when he tells me that dallas just signed Devin Street.)

I love that he will go like things on my facebook page so I don’t look like a loser.



I just think of how far we have come. and how glad that we “toughed it out” through the zeros…and the threes. cause it would have been easy to give up. Marriage is not like the VOW (best movie) or like princess bride (no man says as you wish) Or like pretty woman. (cause i’m not a hooker)   it’s more like the notebook… 304a7ce5dfefb37e986826296ceac32d

“which you are about 99% of the time”




so if you wanted a brief summary of this long post

it is this:

marriage is hard.

Disneyland rocks.

I love my husband.

Get a pre-nup.

happy birthday karllota.!.  DSC07623

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