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fabric wrapped floral bracelets–craft lightning!

today i’ve got an awesome less than 15 minute craft for you! these fun floral bracelets! fabric wrapped floral bracelet

I saw this fun picture on Jane.com (a deal a day website) and I thought

A. I love floral stuff.

B. big funky bracelets are fun.

C. I can make this at home! d18cc9424227560addf9a2af4f5405f0

so I snooped around and found an empty tape roll… tape roll i decided i wanted a pop of color so i painted the inside..
floral bracelets--paint the inside of the cuff

after it’s dry–(the sunshine is out…hallelujah! so i always paint on a tray and carry it out to sit in the sun to let dry FAST –cause patience is a virtue that i’m in major need of working on.) (but i lack the patience to work on it. ha!)

pick some fabric and cut to size…(fabric is from HERE pretty much would marry this! love it so!)
floral cuff how to

mod podge the cardboard… add the fabric then mod podge over it to make it nice and finished…

anthro knockoff floral cuff bracelet with mod podge

a quick dry in the hot sun and you have yourself a fun funky bracelet! fabric wrapped bracelets

it actually only took me about 4 minutes of actual working on it. (and then the drying time–but i just did another craft in between!) polka dot diy bracelet with mod podge

empty tape roll to cute bracelet (with mod podge!) a girl and a glue gun

if you are looking for awesome quick crafts to do….check out here: Craft-Lightning-May-button

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