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a cup out of piece of paper

turn a piece of paper into a cup!  I totally remember making these and thought they were the coolest things EVER! ha! I taught my kids…and have to admit….they thought I was a pretty cool mom! 
how to fold a piece of paper into a cup water cup

1. piece of paper

2. fold up corner to make  a triangle

3. trim top portion off.

4. turn so the top is pointed up.

water cup from paper 3

5. fold over left side so corner touches right side

6 fold over right side over top so corner touches left side

7. separate the two top pieces. fold the top down and then flip over and fold over the other side down on opposite side.

8. Open the top and fill with water.

water cup

it is only good for one cup…as it gets soggy. you can try using cardstock and see if it holds up a little longer!!!

you can also make a bubble blower out of paper!

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