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ugly vintage patterns…oh. YES. i did.

Simple Simon and Co have the  best series. An ugly vintage pattern series.

and i jumped on it.  cause i love ugly.

and i love vintage.

I perused alllll the vintage patterns I could find.

enter exhibit A:


it’s so pretty…and wrong all in one KAbang! i decided to keep the pink…and the lace…and the basic(y) shape of the back…. lacy back shirt--a girl and a glue gun

i posted this picture on instagram (agirlandagluegun if you want to follow me!!!!)

pretty in pink

and everyone thought it looked like Pretty in pink

pretty in pink after

let me tell you.  I watch this show..and she takes the dress and picks it apart and starts sewing….and every.stinking.time I hope it’s a different outcome. i just don’t love it.

but i do love my ugly vintage pattern/pretty in pink knock off….
ugly vintage pattern redo

this cute girl won’t wear jeans…only leggings…so i’m always looking for long tunic type shirts for her. (i will probably have her wear her tank top underneath…but we were trying to keep it as close to the awesome (ahem cough ahem) pattern.

here’s the front view…

front view of pretty in pink shirt

bottom of shirt

front and back of pink polka dot

kameron 5 AND just cause they are soooooo fun to look at……
ugly vintage patterns this one is my next favorite…… il_570xN.575459825_74u5 (1) source

(tops not included ha!!! but it matches so perfectly!!)


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