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Diy flower knobs

I received product and payment from The Blueprint Social (www.theblueprintsocial.com) for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own.

I got to get my hands on some premo clay the other day. it’s one of my favroitest things to play with. I may have just created things for HOURS. seriously. I made so much stuff.

(i did get all these fun colors…)

We have been slowly decorated my daughters wall into a “get ready station” a place by her mirror that holds her jewelry, nail polish and lotion and the one thing we were missing was some hooks to hold scarves and purses.

so we got premo clay creative…

diy flower knobs with premo clay


I had these three knobs. and can’t even tell you what piece of furniture they came with. and a few weeks ago my plan was to just spray paint them…(as you can see…i kinda started)


but then i saw THIS pin and thought…i can totally do that!

it really is easy. if you played with playdoh as a kid you can use this clay! It’s totally not messy..and it doesn’t dry out (you have to bake it for it get hard) so you can leave it out and work on it all week.

each flower is a little different…but made the basic way…cut a bunch of petals and smooshed (not official word) them out) flower how to then layered them around the base of the knob… polyform rose

i got clever with some washi tape to hold up the flower so the petals wouldn’t get smashed!


I have an old pie tin that i use specifically for this. I ended up laying two wooden skewers across and put the knob in between to hold it up.

Bake it and according to the directions on the back… (note: the METAL knob will be HOT HOT HOT)

and another note: when you pull it out…it doesn’t feel done. it’s a little rubbery feeling. But it is. as it cools it will get harder.

here’s my three flowers.

flowers made from premo clay

(the pink has sparkles!!! its my favorite!)

then i just took a piece of wood and drilled some holes to add my knobs.


the other knobs are just crystal ones i had taken off a project and place some yellow behind them for a pop of color…

yellow knob

and hang!

diy floral knobs for purses

(my daughter’s room is in the basement…so of course the pictures can’t capture how awesome it is!) IMG_8473

IMG_8480 flower hooks

here is a little sneak peak of the “wall of girl”

wall of girl such a fun project!!!!

floral knobs a girl and a glue gun diy flower knobs

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