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pizza rolls….and pizza bomb. FOOD FRIDAY

pizza roll yummy easy food!

pizza roll/pizza bombs are one of our favorite things to make. it’s easy and you can totally customize per person so everyone feels like they are getting what they want.

and did i mention how easy they are?

you need pizza dough…i buy one…cause i’m lazy and hate waiting for it to rise.

mozzarella cheese and whatever pizza toppings you like. IMG_7225

the pizza bombs–you take your pizza cutter and cut out squares

or for the roll…you just leave it big


cover with cheese…and whatever toppings you desire. we once had a family night with all sorts of pizza toppings and everyone made their own “bombs”


the pizza roll gets rolled up like a cinnamon roll….the pizza bombs get folded together…

two sides..


then the other two sides…


then you pinch it close and flip if over so this is the bottom… IMG_7230

then sprinkle with olive oil and italian seasoning…

 cook according to the package of dough (350-375 for 7-10 minutes..give or take..)


you slice up the pizza roll (for Halloween we made one that looked like a snake with olives for eyes…)

and dip into pizza sauce!!!!

pizza bombs would be perfect little appetizers! you get about 16 per packaged dough!

pizza bomb 4

food friday 56


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