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guest posting…pocket skirt

This was a guest post last year and a half. that is what happens when you have so many drafts…your crap gets BURIED in it!
and i’ve been playing “clean up” and getting all my guest posts prescheduled and getting myself organized!
I don’t know what it is about pockets..but my girls love them! and they really aren’t that hard to do!
first up: fabric…
i started with two rectangles…(this one has a lot of bulk around the waste (cause i was going for a paper bag kinda waist….if you don’t want the bulk…try dana’s circle skirt…)
i guesstimated my pockets by using my hand….(real professional like) you will need 4 pieces…(two for each pocket..and i wanted the pattern to be the inside of the pocket so i put rights sides together and sewed them around (except the opening (the straight part)

You can go here for a basic pocket pattern

You want to make sure the pockets are angled down…and aren’t too long so they don’t hang out the bottom of the skirt (and make sure you put it down far enough for your elastic at the top.)
you put right sides together of your skirt and put your pocket (turned right sides out) in ….

pin it down until you get to your  pocket and then pin each side. the last picture in the bottom right corner is what the inside of your skirt looks like…

here is what should look with the sides sewn…

then i folded down the top..quite a bit for the paper bag look… sew around (leaving an opening for elastic!)
put two seams (think curtains) and put the elastic in the middle…
sew the elastic together  and then sew it close…
YOU CAN STOP HERE. hem up the bottom and you are done….
but if you like to make it even more girly…like i do…then continue on..
then i took a big yellow strip of fabric and made a bow…
and added belt loops to hold it in place

then i added a ruffle to the bottom (cause i’m ruffle crazy!) this is a 6 in strip of fabric that was folded in half (right sides out) and sewed across the top. Just makes the ruffle really full and fluffy! (you can go HERE to see a how-to on ruffles )

 and that is all…..wasn’t too hard now was it!
lovin the pockets~!!!!

this isn’t my first rodeo…skirt…

i’m um..to lazy to link these all up…so you can go HERE to see them all!



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