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Food Friday!

Today I thought I would share some of my most favoritest recipes found around pinterest! Don’t you Hate when you pin something that looks so good, buy all the stuff for it…Spend the day making it…Only have your kids tell you how much they hate it! (and sadly you agree!) I don’t like to cook…so when I do, and it’s a waste. Man! I get sooo mad!

(that’s the main reason I started a pinterest board devoted to food we have ACTUALLY tried! I added my neighbors and family and friends that I know are good cooks and have tried loads of recipes!

Follow Kimberly West (a girl and a glue gun)’s board Crap food we have actually tried and turns out its actually pretty awesome and not crappy at all!!! on Pinterest.

  So here are some of our favorites!   Copycat Winger's1


these chicken fingers are so good! and easy! you use Tyson’s crispy chicken and make a quick sauce! I make these for myself for lunch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them (you can adjust the spice level!)




this salsa is the best. and I don’t like salsa! Once again…it’s super easy (that will be a theme here cause i’m lazy) But it’s delicious! (my husband adds some peppers to it for spice…)

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GUYS. if you only get to make one soup for the rest of your life…it needs to be this one. It’s …i can’t even think of a good adjective to describe it. YUUUUUMMMMMMMMY!





this is a jalapeno dip. it’s got a kick to it…so i wouldn’t recommend it for kids. but wowza! try to just eat one!








Whenever I have to take a casserole to someone who is sick or just had a baby…i go to this one. cause A. it’s easy.

B. you can customize it by adding your favorite pizza toppings

and C. kids and adults equally love it.




pretzels (1)



this cute girl lives just down the road from me. and made these for us at one of our meetings.

and i scarfed my down in like 6 seconds! They were delicious! and she says they are way easy!!!






first…it needs to be said. i’m not a HUGE peanut butter fan. but this peanut butter trifle makes me want to take the whole bowl and lock myself in the closet and eat it all (i don’t even need a spoon. it’s THAT good.)




I’m just going to put this one on here…six sister’s stuff is ALWAYS good! ALWAYS! I have yet to make one of their recipes and think..”hmmm. not great!” they are always wonderful! So this is a rundown of their most popular from last year!



and I asked on facebook your favoritest pinterest recipes: (click comments to see them all!)



and in case you missed any other food friday posts:

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let me know what your favorites pinterest recipe is!!!

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