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you blow.

so. i love valentines. i feel like i have knack for taking random candy/items and make a cute saying that will apply to valentines day…

but apparently EVERYONE on pinterest has that same knack as well. i bought a bunch of fun things for valentines –and then ran into almost the same ideas multiple times. found some eraser rings at target…ran across THESE valentines .

Non Food Valentine Pics4 scored some awesome candy bracelets…then saw these.


saw some awesome jumping frogs at dollar store…oops…already done.


found a huge pack of glow sticks…done here 



AND here

light up my life 01

(sometimes i wish i could be the mom that just slaps an airhead on her kids store bought valentine (with scotch tape..not even washi tape!) but alas. i’m not.)

  you blow...valentine roundup for balloons, bubble gum and bubbles

i bought balloons..and bubble gum..thinking i could do a fun blow valentine…

but a pinterest search already revealed a treasure trove…….







blowing kisses treat toppers source


source Blow-Me-A-Kiss-Free-Printable-Tags_thumb




Blow-My-Heart-Up-Valentine source

IMG_2244 source

gum valentines_aly dosdall_1 (1)


Feature_Bubblegum Valentines

You-BLOW-Me-Away-Valentine-Just-add-bubbles-Cute-idea-and-free-prints-on-lilluna.com-valentines1 source

valentines_thumb source

so basically….this year i just get to be lame and print off an already done one…..

i have done a valentines printable in the past…

like HERE

Picnik collage86532

and here (these are for lunches!)

peanut butter and jelly

but now i don’t feel the need cause everythings already been done.

which makes me sad. Cause honest…it’s one of my favorite things to do….:(

do you have your valentines ready for tomorrow????

p.s..i started a pinterest board called kitchy valentines ideas…full of sugary sweet cuteness!

(not to be confused with my valentines board…which is more crafts and crap!)

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