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what i wore–scarf edition

lets get real. i have no chest.

okay. i do.

but they aren’t something to brag about.

and when i gain weight i gain it in my gut.

it’s super pretty.

so i have this love of scarves cause i feel like it just adds to my front like no Victoria secret bra can.

so i thought it would be fun to show you what and how i wear them!!!

i have three basic ways….(okay. okay. i know that there are a TON of ways to tie a scarf. these are just the 3 ways I WEAR it)

3 ways to wear scarves

number 1

first up. just the regular loop around the neck!


i got this AMAZING tribal scarf from so perla (you can buy one here)

i love the tribal trend….but i can’t bring myself to buy tons of stuff in it cause chances are next year i won’t love it…so i love that scarves can incorporate a trend–without breaking the bank! (like the cheetah scarves!)

scarf wrap around

number 2

2nd way…this fun knotted scarf…. learn how to tie this scarf!

i even made a little video to show you how to (you can not guess how many times i’ve tied it for people at the store that stop me and ask me how!)

and the last is infinity…

number 3

i love an infinity scarf. i take regular scarves…tie a knot and turn it into an infinity scarf!
turn a regular scarf into infinity scarf

infinity scarf and cause stars are aligned…brassy apple JUST posted ways how she wears here infinity scarves!

totally going to have to try the single knot!!!!

here is a montage of my most favoritest scarves…my two favorites are from downeast…and i’m still looking for a fun cheetah one!!!  scarf collage



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