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T-shirt fringe scarf (no sew!) scarf week

for all you non-sewers out there….i’ve got a couple no sew scarfs!

this one is super easy–and all it requires is an old knit shirt (stretchy!)

fringe t-shirt scarf no sew

i actually bought one at joanns


(on sale 4 for $9) cause my daughter is lovin the neon theme (hello early 90s)

I bought mine xl…and it wraps around twice. but if you only have a small or medium it totally works… it will only wrap once. (both ways are cute!)

snip off like picture….


you don’t want to snip through the sides…but cut fringe top and bottom….


then pull each fringe to make them curl


then you fold it over…so the fringe is all on one side IMG_5523

and slip over your head!

neon t-shirt scarf no sew


maybe if it wasn’t so BRIGHT and neon you could see how dang cute it is!!! ha!

fringe t-shirt scarf close up

here’s another no sew t-shirt scarf that cut into strips and glued together! t-shirt scarf

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