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Plaid square scarf (scarf week)

i think in a past life i was a lumberjack. i love plaid. and here’s a bonus for it…it’s double sided. the pattern is on both sides so it’s like MEANT for scarves.

i bought this  cute green/gray plaid square scarf  from Downeast awhile back…

polka dot pants

scarf 67


and i had to recreate it!

plaid square scarf

i bought a yard…(at walmart for $3 no less)

and folded over the side and cut a square



you can finish the edges…or pink them with pinking shears to prevent fraying.

then fold it in half so you have a triangle
IMG_5952 connect the two side pieces and tie a knot IMG_5953 it has the look of a giant bib….but i love it cause there is no bulk around the back of your neck…and it hangs long so i can eat alot and unbutton the top button of my pants and no one will be the wiser.

(only kidding. i don’t really do that.)


square scarf

you can also just buy 12 inches and make an infinity scarf….

plaid infinity scarf

or just a regular scarf…

plaid-ankleboots source

are you mad about plaid?!

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