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food friday–giant kisses for valentines day!

i totally remember my sister and mom making a giant kiss…i think it was an answer to a date dance (right hayley?)

but anyways…i was at smiths, buying myself some chocolate and saw these giant chocolate kisses that were like $7 each! and it all came rushing back to me.

and while my giant kisses aren’t made of chocolate (but they can be covered in chocolate) and for about $4 You can make at least 6!!!!

giant rice krispies kisses for valnetines day

and they are really easy (the only way i roll!)

make rice krispies the regular way (marshmallows and krispie rice)

spray a funnel with non stick spray (i have 4 sizes of funnels…so you could do all different sizes!

rice krispie how to

you need to pack in the rice krispies tight and then they just pop out. my funnel was more triangular so i shaped it a little to look like kisses then put it in the middle of tin foil and wrapped it up –you need to trim off all the excess tin foil.

(which cutting tin foil sharpens your scissors so look at you multi tasking)

giant kisses valentines day i added some kisses tags (at the bottom) you just wrap them inside the tin foil! kisses valentines

they turned out so fun–i gave each of my kids one when they got home from school! they loved them!

this literally made me lol (so that’s llol?)


less than a month so it’s on now!!!! kisses tags kisses valentines tag

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