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a rundown of 2013

and when i say “rundown” i mean get comfortable and grab something to keep you hydrated.

2013 was a great blogging year! i had a blast and really felt like i learned so much about the “business” side of blogging (even though it hurts my head most of the time!)

in 2013 i blogged about pinterest:  8 times (like posts devoted to just me talking about how much i love pinterest



I hosted 21 giveaways…..



i drew on 24 lunch bags….

PicMonkey Collagelunch bags

blogging has it’s perks…you get to try new things for free to blog about (i always put a disclaimer so you know when it’s given for free) here’s a fun list of random stuff i got for free:

  a new vacuum. a moen faucet, lots of duck tape, a new glue gun, some pens, mod podge, scentsy and wax, frog tape, ice cream, ikea boxes, 3 months free at netflix, lunch at arbys, jo totes camera bag, halloween costumes, shopping trip at world market, kids craft kits (times two), $100 shopping spree at michaels, a lisa leonards bracelet, an xbox, canvas wraps, two kounter keepers, a deer head,  and tons of silhouette stuff!


I made up my own blogging holiday



my own special mom day



i sold 151 things in my etsy shop...

etsy banner3


i went to joanns 38 times….


and spent….376.64


and i burned myself twice. (i mean i burned myself lots… but reallllly burned myself only twice)

2 burns


January: i took my computer to the repair shop…so i scheduled all my posts…

so January started off with a reposting of all my silhouette basic posts i did over at expressions vinyl

silhouette love

followed by a bunch of the presents my family did for christmas gifts (Sometimes i feel like i need to have a disclaimer with me for everyone to sign…so i can steal their ideas and put it on here!)

PicMonkey Collage januaray


brought me a new domain name….and a switch to wordpress….

Captureblog and i’m pretty sure that is when i started treating my blog like a business (aka..i didn’t feel super guilty about being online!)


March brought necklace week (oh how i love a theme week!) PicMonkey Collageb jj

i also had three guest posts…so it was a busy busy month!!! PicMonkey Collage march

April showered us with more crap…err…crafts…

PicMonkey Collage april

as well as some of my most favorite things from 2013

PicMonkey Collage april favorites

may brought was full of stuff….i must have been very productive in anticipation of lazy summer days


PicMonkey Collage may

in may i also finished painting at the dentist office

and was happy to have my “free time” back

June: nothing eventful…besides crafts!

PicMonkey Collage june

July is birthday month….


i got a new camera…and devoted a week of really random giveaways….

PicMonkey Collage july

it was also bandana week

bandana week


it was hot hot hot (not that i’m complaining…cause right now i’m cold cold cold.

it was semi productive…

PicMonkey Collage august

i got my wisdom teeth out so i reposted a bunch of old guest posts…


but it was one my favorites months cause i got to go on studio 5 and show off this…

PicMonkey Collage ikea

and hang out with the coolest gals ever.


we moved at the end of september..which was awesome…and utterly overwhelming…

so i spent a good portion of september doing “moving week” a rundown of my favorite parts of my old house that i would miss in my new house!!

i did manage to squeak out a few crafts though!

PicMonkey Collage asept i also hosted photography week….

photography  week

October! Man…this feels like yesterday!

PicMonkey Collage october


weren’t we just here?

november was filled with pumpkin goodies….

PicMonkey Collage november

and one of my favorite giveaways to date!

Ultimate Movie giveaway

it was also filled with mean comments and me ranting like a crazy person…


i tried to cram as much red and white striped crap into a limited time….

PicMonkey Collagedec

and i’m pretty much glad its over…cause now i can get to crafting regular stuff.

and that’s my year in review!!!!

you can go HERE to see a rundown of previous years

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.