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giant wood slat pumpkins

This was a guest post over at welcome to the mouse house…..

but since i don’t want it sitting in my draft box all year…i’m going to squeeze it in now!!!

You know…i get so fed up with people starting Christmas right after Halloween–(mostly cause I associated Christmas with stress) So this year I’m trying to drag out Thanksgiving for as long as I can!

So I decided to “fall” up my porch by making giant wood pumpkins

giant wood pumpkins

and the best part is that this project cost me NOTHING. (I had the wood boards in my garage…but they aren’t very much to begin with) and it took me about an hour to do (and that is mostly waiting for paint to dry!)

I had four boards for the big one…on the two  end boards  i took my jigsaw and cut an angle (this can totally be omitted if you don’t have wood cutting stuff!) (if you want a smaller pumpkin you can ask the home depot guys to cut your wood down for you)

then i spray painted one set with krylon


and the other one got a watered down orange (i was trying to get two shades of orange for a little contrast but once they got on my porch I couldn’t tell too much of a difference!)


I added a piece of scrap wood for the stem

pumpkins porch decoration

and then attached a board across the back and screwed holes into to keep the slats all together.

IMG_3382 then i set it on my porch and drove my car around the block so i could pull up to my cute new decorations!

wood pallet pumpkins

porch pumpkin


happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

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