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Fall/Thanksgiving shout outs!


 grow creative


super fun painted leaves!!!

family fun Thanksgiving-Find-the-Turkeys-game-papercraft-printable-photo-420x420-fs-IMG_1610-1

a great little game. hide a bunch of these turkeys and the kids have to find them while the food is cooking!

My sister’s suitcase


what an adorable free printable



i snapped this yesterday at my joanns! how cute is this tulle turkey wreath

madigan made




love the whole set up!!


 happy hour projects


get some leaves and make this cute necklace!!!

design improvised


a little yarn..some candles…any amazing centerpiece


 girl loves glam

Leaf Coverered Pumpkin Tutorial


what i love the most about leaf projects is that leaves are free!!!!


thats my letter

wood tags

one hundred and ten percent love this door decor!


 just a girl



another fun leaf project! so pretty!


 sugar bee crafts

boy turkey shirt


cute turkey shirt!


 five heart home


mom review 4 you


place cards to the cuteness extreme

sister’s suitcase 


a great craft for the kiddos!

sugar bee crafts


these people and their ribbon skills. it’s an art.

a pumpkin and a princess


beautiful. just beautiful.

you can go here to see my fall pinterest board

and HERE to see an old version of thanksgiving shout outs

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