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square pumpkins

(this was a guest post from last year….)
so–last time i was at bunco the girl had the cutest square pumpkins on her table…
and so i recreated them here just for you!
 i took a quick trip to home depot and picked up a 4×4 (which i will refrain from my rant about how a 4×4 is not 4 but really 3 1/2…which makes my dad explain it to me everytime but still drives me nutso)
the 6 foot piece cost $8.50…
and i’m able to get 3 sets…so pretty cost efficient!
i marked it where i wanted it cut…
i had a strong man (the husband) cut the wood into big blocks of all different sizes…but home depot could cut it just as easily.
i have a big one and two shorter ones for each set….just random sizes work
then i mixed some pumpkin orange and nutmeg brown to get a more subdued orange and started painting…

then i hopped on my cameo and designed some fall words….

the give and time are smiley monster….harvest is cursive standard , thanks is callie hand and autumn is windsong….in case anyone was wondering…..

then i cut and adhere….

after the pumpkins were painted..i added a little distressing…i used an ink pad for a few and sanded a few

the tops i used some of these….(found at joanns)

and i had a couple knobs that got some spray paint….

and just hot glued them on…

then you can add ribbons or any embellishment you want!

my kids totally want to make one a jack-o-lantern..so i might flip one set around and make it a halloween side….

you wrap it up and give it as a gift!



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