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kid craft monday –perler bead art

I got my new ikea magazine. IMG_1953-1024x682

i adore ikea. i could spend probably 3 posts just highlighting the things i love in the magazine.

but on one page they had this:


perler beads that were framed.

so simple. and yet i loved it!

perler bead art

we always have perler bead projects laying around…i’ve stuck magnets to the back and the small ones even got hair clips. but for the most part they sit up on a shelf in a bag!

love the excuse of another place to put it!

the girls got creative and decided to do it without a perler board (that keeps it in place!) so you have to go very slow and don’t bump the table! IMG_2004

found these in the school section at walmart (2 for $4) then i decided i liked them so much and i went back to get more and they were sold out ( sad face) IMG_2005

after the design is done you put a piece of the tracing paper material (but it’s not tracing paper) on top and melt them together!


we just melted the backside so the front still looks separate.


then we hot glued them directly to the outside of the glass on the frame!

perler beads

we also found this purse and high heel my daughter did awhile back–these would be so cute framed ┬áin a girls room!!!! IMG_2008

make sure to check out HERE for tons of awesome ideas!


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