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bubblegum necklace

i’ve mentioned it numerous times..but it’s worth repeating.

i love my family.

‘specially when they save cute little things they get along the way for me.

like this bubblegum necklace that my mom got at her girl’s camp!

bubblegum necklace 1

it’s soooo cute! You could put each color for a value for young woman’s in your church (if you are lds)

or a perfect little party favor at a girl’s birthday party!

and it’s super easy…you just need gum balls….

(bubble gum bubble gum in a dish….)

and some tulle (they have nice and thin kinds and a little stiffer kind…you will want the stiffer kind) (about 6 inches wide)


and beads….go ahead and string them on (you want beads with big holes!)


separate each bead


stick a bubblegum in the middle and wrap the tulle around


and slide up the beads to keep it in place


add as many beads and bubblebum as you want…in any color combo…and the tie the ends! bubblegum necklace 3

gum necklace

necklace with bubblegum

bubblegum necklace

check out this cute version…. gumballnecklace source

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