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levi bow shirt

apparently i love bows. i painted one on Tuesday

and i made a bow shirt HERE

but i love big bows i cannot lie.

so you get another one…
levi bow shirt

i always make something for my kids for their birthdays…and my daughter had these cute pink shorts that i really wanted a top for…so i made one…

using levi fabric that was reallllly light and airy.

here’s the only “tutorial shot” i took. i’m a lame blogger. fire me. DSC02615

the long piece is the strap–the small rectangle got made into a bow…

and the large two pieces are the front and back. i folded down the tops and sewed leaving a “tunnel” and then i added the strap through….(after sewing the sides together)

it’s verrrry similar to the pillowcase dress

i made it too tight…cause i never measure…so i cut it up the middle and added a strip of levi. but i flipped it cause i love the contrast of dark and light.

and then i decided to add a portion along the bottom.

just for kicks.

i didn’t even hem it. i scalloped it and let it be.

and the bow is stitched on. purely decoration.


cute top!. not as cute as the girl..but still so cute. kameron

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