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hot glue and tin foil art (kid craft monday)

alright. this kid craft monday is coming from a pinterest pin today…


they did this making their own art…and i think used shoe polish..and they had a great technique so make sure to go over and check it out..

tin foil art work

first..we tried outlining some coloring book pictures with elmer’s glue…

and it was a big fat

craft fail

it dried flat….no the intended outcome…

so we swapped out for hot glue..

which makes this kid friendly for ages 8 and up …and maybe even higher….

so you can A. copy a coloring book picture

or b. design your own…

DSC02554 we sketched it out first then hot glued around… PicMonkey Collage454

then we took tin foil and pressed into each crevice….

then you scratch designs into the tin foil…or patterns…or you can do that beforehand with hot glue.

then we used dark glaze medium we had…black paint would work. cover the whole thing and then wipe away until you love it…

here’s the one i did…I printed this out and followed the text.

tin foil art

my daughter went a little HEAVY on the glaze…


she scratched some designs in too… DSC02595

we redid the peacock from the craft fail…turned out pretty cute!


you can also do this version:

yarn and sharpies!!!



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