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silhouette chipboard!

today i’m showing you this fantastically fun new item from silhouette….CHIPBOARD!


this stuff is so cool (and if you were to buy premade chipboard shapes from the scrapbook store they can be expensive!!!!) but you can get 25 sheets for a great price!

the boards are thin enough to have your cameo (or portrait) or so help me your cricut cut through it like butta.

PicMonkey Collage silhouette and chipboard

then you can paint it, stamp it. cover it with paper, leave it plain, spray it, i’m sure there are other things to do with it..but i’m out of ideas.

load it just the same as paper and vinyl (i used a mat)

and just make sure you check your blade depth!!!


do you see how the speed is 1? yup. it  goes pretty slow. (it sounds like music when it goes that slow.) here’s a word to the wise. while you are cutting stuff out…stay on the computer! if you leave it for too long and your computer goes into sleep mode it will stop your cutting mid cut.

and that sucks. (take my word for it)

I want to make a whole bunch of things –like a big idaho sign..

idaho cutout

(this font is awesome for the states!)


–and since it’s mother’s day i thought a nice card would be appropriate!)

mother's day cards

it just adds a whole nother level with chipboard

(spray adhesive  was the best stuff for the job to make sure it all even stuck!)

painted chipboard

this card is my favorite…

mother's day card wow

it says–do you want to know how i feel about you? turn this card upside down.


I also made some earrings….

chipboard earrings

I cut the circles out of chipboard…then loaded paper and just recut them (DON”T RESIZE!)

photo 2 (9)

then a little mod podge later and you have some new earrings!!!!

(you could totally make these double sided and have two different earrings!!!)


chipboard would also be great with a banner–nice and heavy duty!


(also perfect for the boxes and holders they have too)


and i think this earring holder image from the online silhouette studio store is BRILLIANT!!!!!


so if you want to get in on the chipboard fun…here’s the promotions:


if you already have a cutter that number one promo is AWESOME!!!! (and if you don’t have a cutter GET ONE! i use mine weekly–and it would be more if i didn’t have to pull it out and set it up everytime!)

go HERE and use the promo code KIMBO

those dust covers are freakin nice and thick. i’m adding a little silhouette heat transfer to pretty mine up! DSC02717

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