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blankets and intials…

i like making baby blankets—they are fast and easy (as long as you steer clear of the faux chenille)
they are small so it’s not too expensive.
and there are the CUTEST baby fabrics out there just i itch to use!!!
but I really like to make my blankets special. cause let’s face it..you can go to ross and buy pretty darn cute blankets for pretty darn cheap (i heart you ross)
So i always add an initial on the corner of my blankets–you know. get one over on ross.
so today–we are talking initials. all different techniques!
before we start–a few things to consider: if you have a big busy fabric…you are going to want to make sure your letter (s) are big enough to stand out.
and if not..you can use a piece of fabric to make it stand out
first up: FABRIC!
you can do this two ways.
you can sketch it out (i use chalk) and cut it out freehand.
or you can use a cutter to get a precise cut….
(i talk about the how-tos HERE)
just make sure to use the silhouette interfacing–its AMAZING
Second way:
they have fuzzy. smooth, and even glittery.
the basic how-to is HERE
but the jist is design something on your cutter and flip it backwards. then cut it out. pull away the negative space and iron it down.
(my cousin named her baby maverik…so i had to put some top gun glasses on there. HAD
i used the fuzzy t-shirt vinyl for these blankets–
love this pink plaid!!!!! and paired with the fuzzy black…perfection PicMonkey Collage pink blanket
alright….last but not least: freezer paper stenciling
i actually did the frame in t-shirt vinyl (i wanted to mimic this ADORABLE FABRIC)
then i cut it out of freezer paper…(you could freehand or use your cutter)
and iron it on (silky side down)
then use your fabric paint and fill er in.
this fabric was too busy to leave it just plain..so i had to add a white fabric.
just pinned it on and sew around.
oh mm ggggeee.
don’t know which blanket i love the most. DSC02607bvn
i actually have a picture of this blanket in action:


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