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Jello poke cake

First: once again…new found respect for food bloggers. food is probably the hardest thing to take a good picture of….
and I have a horrible 4 year old.
and b.
I bake. not cook. I have accepted the fact that I’m no Rachel ray. or Emeril. or the part of Martha that can cook.
but I like making sweets. I can do that..maybe cause I love eating them.
anyways…i hate cake.
…box cakes….
but I don’t do cakes from scratch
they are just dry and I eat the tops (like muffin tops) with the frosting and leave the rest..(which reminds me of this…
anyways..i love this cake cause it’s so moist and yummy and not dry it all…. easy Jello poke cake super yummy!
and it’s easy.and that makes my little lazy heart sing.

First…cut off those box tops and save them…your school needs them!!!
and b. the cool whip needs only be the small size…but they only had lite in the small size…and we like to eat spoonfuls of cool whip cause it’s yummy…so we just grabbed the biggest one.
and third. the jello is the small size and can be any flavor…I even had lime and it was delicious!

1. Make cake as directed. let cool.
2. Poke holes all over it..i use the end of a wooden spoon and then a fork.
3. Make jello as directed and pour all over cake. refrigerate.
4. Cover with cool whip when ready to serve.

Keep refrigerated- covered.

It’s fantastically awesome and cool and refreshing and we all love it…

You can see from the picture below that the jello gets down in the holes and covers the cake just enough–so it’s not like jello concentrate.

Then you stuff you face…but don’t worry…the jello is fruit flavored…and fruits are healthy. Jello poke cake


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