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batting T from mr. agaagg

my husband crafted…
oh wait..excuse me simacb.
i mean he made a project.
almost every monday we head to the baseball field and have batting practice. (this obvs was written before it got butt cold)
my husband bought 48 softballs
(why 48? cause 24 just ain’t enough)
and he bought a kids batting t  for the kids…
and then he would pitch to me…
and i would pitch to him…
and he would do this eyeroll when i would throw a ball.
and i might have thrown my mitt
and walked off the field
and maybe didn’t talk to him for while.
don’t know if that has to do with this project or not…
but still..i love a good back story…
but i came home the other day to this:

and of course..he’s a boy..and didn’t take any pictures…
but here’s the basics…he went to home depot….spent $8
and bought pvc and connectors and a  pool noodle thing. (but not a pool noodle..just looks like one..
but not a fun color)
which he wrapped with MY red duct tape. 

 then he made this: (i won’t try to get technical….cause i don’t know details…)

 it’s really light weight though..and it holds up fine…but if you wanted the bottom weighted i’m sure you could stick some heavy something or another (like rocks or something) in the bottom before putting the end pipes on…

 then you just put on the ball…


i thought it would make a great christmas present for any baseball boy!

and if you are more of a soccer fan….


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