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thor’s hammer…

sometimes i pull things out of my arse that makes me the coolest mom ever…..
and this is one of those things…

i had cut out some signs from foam core boards…and had a giant L shape leftover that my son was carrying around and using as his thor hammer…wheels started turning…glue gun got heated up….and the diy thor’s hammer was born! THOR halloween costume

the basic shape is two big huge rectangles…and two small skinny rectangles (the more you reinforce the board with other boards the stronger it will be.

i hot glued it all together. i was originally just going to start adding layers of more foam core board…but remember i had this big foam thing left over….

so i cut out a rectangle from that (and cut it half so it’s not so thick)

and sandwiched it all together…..

then i wrapped it with fabric (basically like a present)

this was so light gray…and i wanted it to look more like stone so i grabbed some paint and just darkened the corners
i also painted the handle brown.
and then i googled thor’s hammer and found out he had a little handle on his.
so i took of piece of fabric (this actually was my daughters old belt) and hot glued it in between the layers of board.
perfect for hanging

the bottom looks like this:


kid being violent…

kid being cute…

cheri makes a thor helmet….it’s awesome!

go HERE–and make sure to check out her viking costume using bath mats…


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