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the sunshine dress…again..

I seriously can’t believe i won! i mean…EVERYONE’S dress was freakin amazing! it has me shakin in my boots for the next couple of weeks (watch me win this week and go home next week!)
so…here’s a dirty little secret.
i made two dresses..

 the blue one came first….and i just wasn’t 100 percent. i wanted a fuller skirt…and the hem was at a weird length….and i went to joanns and bought a bunch of yellow fabric and spent the day ignoring my kids and sewing…..
and then i went to take pictures…(my plan at this point was to submit both)
but then i remembered how nearly impossible it is to get a good shot of one kid…so two kids at the same time was ridiculous.

i think we hit a meltdown when i said holdhands and my 9 year old didn’t want to hold hands the way my 4 year old wanted too (?) yeah. i know.

 and then there was sun….

and i basically made the executive decision to scrap the blue.
you know…sanity reasons…

but it is still pretty to look at!!! and my daughters looked adorable at church together!

 and i did manage to get a nice picture of my eldest…..blurry and all..

anyways. i didn’t really do a tutorial…katy’s tut is pretty self explanatory. i cut all my bias tape and played around with it till i got a layout i liked

  (the blue is all different fabrics…so i couldn’t get away with an ombre…i wanted the fabrics intermixed

both dresses were made in this same fashion…i left it open and added the bias tape then sewed them together….

then attached the bottom half and then the EXPOSED zipper..which seemed to be the theme of the week!

then i added some bias cut binding around the arms and collar…

added some bows and a sash…

 the blue had a pattern to it…big bias strips then a bunch of ones close together….

now…if you want to know ANOTHER SECRET….about how to sew this cute little yellow number…without spending so much time..go HERE!

if you want to see MORE pictures of this dress…you can go HERE


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