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and what better to go with an awesome striped tie…then some pimp suspenders.

I got these awesome clips from here

they got loads of awesome supplies for binky clips
and suspenders…
i got 3 per suspenders
(you could do 4 and make a basic x instead of a y
like these from kohls

i just took some black elastic

and measure for the kid we were making them for– you can buy THESE and make them adjustable…but we went for easy.

we took it and made a y…

melted the ends so no fraying

and sewed them onto the clips

then we pinned the back

and added a little pleather over it. (pleather: not real leather cause we aren’t made of money)

luckily my sister helped me mass produce..

then we slapped them on the kids…
(instense concentration)

is she my sister or what?
last time i was at joanns i took a picture of all these colorful elastics that you could use! so many fun ones!

look how cute these are. (they were on a daily deal website) but you could easily take some fabric paint and stamp them!!!!

don’t they just look adorable!

 oh. how i waste my time….


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