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my sister’s reception…

we actually (and when i say we..i mean it was a group effort) had the reception in my parent’s backyard. i have always wanted to have mine there…but i got married in march.
in idaho.
and so it was a no go for me.
but august turned out perfect!
and i thought i would share…
(handpainted sign (by me!)
the girls: the colors were black white and green…

you saw the gift station yesterday…you walked right in here and dropped off your loot…

you pass these punk boys….they will probably give you a wedgie…

another staples sign:

and the sign in quilt..love this idea. my sister made it (the one that got married) and (she had two receptions) so each reception got a side..and now she just has to bind it!

then you wait so you can awkwardly say hi to the parents when you really want to just say hi to the bride…or groom.

i’ll be blogging about our mission to find big black and white striped fabric…(in a nutshell…we couldn’t find it!) but allegro fabric saved us! look how awesome it adds a pop!

picture table…cause really…you can never have enough pictures of you making out…never.

my awesome brother took this picture of me….

so payback is in order…

water, pink lemonaid and lemonaid.

and the gray striped straws you have seen everywhere! love these! (found them at zurchers for much cheaper than the daily deal sites!)

and we drank in mason jars! (which mean we were all on dish duty..but so worth it!)

we had big sugar cookies and big choc chips cookies and a nut cup. i hate nuts. just an fyi. i eat all the m&m;’s out of it and ditch the rest….

our little servers…

as you walk out…there was mints…and this sign…

the cake made by sister…

we are just so happy that the weather held up…cause in idaho you just never know!

these cute boys directed everyone in to park….

 best wishes to my sister and my new brother in law! (and omigosh am i so glad the wedding is OVER!)


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