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polka dots

 i have finally finished my daughter’s room. (cue the trumpet) i literally thought it would take last summer and be done. but i wanted to make some new pillows…and (cause i’m insane) decided to make my daughters comforter…. and i finally finished it… (basically cause i was hosting bunco and didn’t want everyone to see it in it’s current state…..

so this week is girl’s bedroom week with a finale at the end of the finished product!!!!!

so we will start with the gray polka dots that i posted over at the diy club…

i got this awesome polka dot stencil from Cutting edge stencils
(i should mention that they have a size bigger of the polka dots too)
my paint color is stonewall jackson by dutch boy..
and I wanted the polka dots to be done in a lighter gray so I kept with the same paint card and got the nantucket mist.

I taped the stencil up….and got down to business

 (the nantucket mist looks crazy light but dries darker!) I used my little roller from cutting edge..it is the perfect size for these stencils!!!!

I just worked my way across the room…..

I actually did two full walls…..and it really didn’t take me that long!

 it looks like a ton more work than it really is! the corners are a little hard to get around…..but the cutting edge blog has a great tutorial on how to work around a corner (you can go HERE)

i love it! adds so much without being overbearing!
i love it cause it looks like I slaved over it.
everyone that comes in thinks that i literally just stamped each seperate polka dot..
and i tell them yes, yes i did.
and their eyes glow with respect.
(while their minds think i’m insane)

or you could get a little colorful and make yourself a work of art!

so much fun!

AND….  i got this cool little polka dot stencil from decorart and recovered the top of a shelf/barbie house. 

it was really easy…and i did the whole top really fast….

and it looks so much fun…i even think the next project will be the back of the shelf all polka dotted!

for the record…i broke the lamp…and it’s on the neverendinglistofcraptodo…


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