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so i have to share the cutest birthday party that my sister just did for her twinners.(i’m getting to the point where i need to start carrying around disclaimers for everyone to sign!)

turns out…swiper stole the PARTY cupcakes (dang that swiper!!!)

so everyone got outfited with some backpacks….

it’s foam…hot glue…and yarn around the sides! (my daughter LOVES It!)

time to check the map!

first up..troll bridge…then finding forest…then swipers hideout


 turns out the bridge has holes in it! luckily backpack has the pieces that match!!!!

after we all crossed

 it was time to check the map again….

(requires a lot of concentration)

FINDING FOREST: there were fun pictures all taped up around the forest…the kids had to search in their backpacks for pieces that matched….

 found them!!!!!

map time again!

one stop left!
luckily..swiper was outside…
all the kids had to do was pin the tail on him…
headed into swiper’s hideout…..
we found the cupcakes!!!

time to eat!!!
(my sister mentioned nick jr.com for the swiper and map printables!)
happy birthday a and b…aunt kimmy loves you…


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