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I have been addicted to washi tape since the beginning! And the more you play around with it…the more amazing things you find to slap it on! It comes in so many fun colors and patterns and thicknesses! You can grab it in single rolls….or big old sets! 
 and of course..I have a whole PINTEREST board devoted to WAshi tape goodness 

bicycle wrapped decoration


Sewing Guide

Washi Tape frame idea 


Washi tape headband


Tin covered Washi tape 


Awesome Washi tape hack! 

washi tape diaper box

Washi Tape Clock

Honeycomb wall art 

decorated letters 

Washi Tape Menu Board

Calendar organizer





Washi Tape wrapped pencil

and a colorful version

Lighting fixtures that will add a pop! 

scrapbook page details (can’t find source)


personalized charger


floor fun -kids will just love this one! 

Even put it on your nails!


Tea lights wrapped with Washi Tape

Awesome filing system

Pineapple art work 

Light switch decorations

Vase made so much prettier with washi tape! 


Use them on invitations! 

Paper clips 



Turn those boring brushes to razzle dazzle!

Wall art


Add a pop with Washi! 

Washi tape magnets


Door Decor

Washi Tape Calendar 

Washi Tape Covered notebooks



Clothespins never had it so good! 

KEyboard decorations

Wall decal 


Tack pins

GO here to see the best way to organize your washi tape 

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