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purse how to

I’m finally getting around to posting tutorials for some of my sytyc projects… this is perhaps one of my most favoritest things i’ve done. so much that if i was making it for a gift for someone..i would have gone out and bought a gift certificate to applebees just so i could keep it.

one of my lest favoritest things about it?

these tutorials are hard to write…because..frankly…i don’t really know what i’m doing. i tried to push myself a little bit with sytyc and try things that i haven’t tried before. so i made this projects with a little bit of doubt that it would be a hot mess….but i will give you the basic rundown….

here’s the shapes i cut for the outside….(i didnt’ intend for it being SO big..but i don’t mind. i mean i’m a mom. i always have superhero’s to carry.)  the gray is the lining and the yellow is outside.

i made some pockets (nice big ones cause i hate purses that have one little pocket….

sew them onto the lining…

then i cut a strip that was the length of the bottom of the bag and about 5 inches wide. it’s a lining, a yellow..and interfacing..sewed on with right sides together and then turned inside out (i sewed all the lining and pieces together first before attaching them to the pieces so there are no raw edges on the inside!!!

(bottom of the bag)

then i added the outside strap holders….just cut a strip and fold in the sides…

sew them onto the outside before attaching the lining (or you will sew your pockets shut!)
i actually got these rings from an old purse i had. (they have a whole wide selection at joanns!)

matched up the bottom panel strips to the sides so it’s looks like a continuous strip

then you attach the bottom to the sides….

and the inside…

now..i have no other pictures..cause i suck…and this next part was the part that i thought would surely end in disaster.
but i took a strip that is the same width (plus an inch)as the bottom panel.. then cut it in half. and added a zipper.
then i took a two more strips of fabric for the sides and (measured so it fit) and sewed it to the bottom of the purse an then sewed it all the way around. (this is where i added the lining on the outside cause i wanted too!
on the same purse where i cut of my purse rings…had big thick straps (like a big cording) so i just recovered them and sewed on a ruffle and attached them to the rings…

and then i took about 25 minutes to cut off all the strings…and that’s it!

hope that makes a little sense to anyone!
good luck!

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