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love letters how to

i must live in texas cause everything is big this week!
super large love letters!
I orginally had another project for love week. something i wasn’t 100% sold on but i liked it more than any other ideas.
and i got a phone call from my mom with this novel idea! and i got to work!
(thanks momma! just another reason why i love you!)

these sweet little love letters are my daughter’s intials (no i’m not Just Kidding. that is what my husband thought…and he know’s my daughter’s names. he ain’t so bright.)

and they have sweet little pockets to put in some love notes!

they are made from foam (sketched out with sharpie…)

and cut our with a turkey knife (electric knife that we only use at turkey time…)

i wish i would have taken a picture of the massive mess i made. it was insane!

i laid the k down on the fabric and sketched it out and added a half inch (for seam allowance)

and then apparently i forget to take any more pictures. sometimes i suck.
just sometimes.
but i measured the foam and cut a super long strip that is half inch bigger on both sides (for seam allowance..)
I added the pocket before sewing the sides…but i took the strip and sewed it all the way around the k…
(and on the J i added some fun piping…)

for a great tutorial on piping go HERE

then i just attach the back (had to hand stitch it…) but it was okay. parenthood was on. love me some graham. actually love me some gilmore..but she acts the same in parenthood.

just so you can see how big it is…

i also made some x’s and o’s cause it was for valentines!!!!

and i set up all the pillows i have been making…


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