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I thought i might get my act together and post today…

but i have to tell you. i have not missed you blog.

no. that is a lie.  i have missed you. but after the craziness that is christmas it is sure dang nice to not plug in the glue gun..

and i don’t think i will until well into next week.

so this will not be a craft post….

more like a a countdown of crafts.
I did this last year (you can go HERE to see the comparison!)

so this FIRST countdown is a PINTEREST one…..the things that are the most pinned on pinterest…..

(I did a comment one last year..but now thanks to pinterest the comments get fewer and fewer and the pins get higher and higher!)

this one hurts. the number one isn’t even mine…it’s from a shout out sunday i did….

source. these are for sale at in an etsy shop. i did not make them. i did think about making some…but we don’t give our kids an allowance. we figure feeding, and dressing them, and putting them in piano and basketball and their general upkeep means they can unload the dishwasher without monetary compensation.

Next up at a number 2…

from my using book pages post. people just like this idea as a way to keep a momento from your first house.
the magnetic funny face and first aid kit gets pinned a lot..but i see this crayon holder one the most~
nough said.
#5…my daughter’s personal fav….
i actually just updated pictures with how my daughter rearranges it. she actually plays interior decorator more than she plays barbies.
people on pinterest must love rude crap cause next up is my etched pans

#7….is one of my all time favs and gets used a ton at this house…

up next is number #8
hair crap…all 41 post of it…

#9 the clipboard chore chart

#10 is another kid thing…..pinterest must be full of moms.
the activity binder with the easy and cheap i spy bag
there are 10 posts of hanging crap….and i have to say..everytime i walk into my daughters room i love it!!!!

and number 12 is my land of nod knock off letters..

come back tomorrow to see my personal favorite top 12…..

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.