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a painted headboard…

sometimes titles suck…and giveaway the fantasticness you are about to behold.

so let’s play a game called pretend you didn’t just read painted headboard.

so i have this bed. for the devil child my 3 year old. and it’s floating against the wall of her room. 
kinda like a daybed.

and this is where you could insert a fantastic before picture to show ..but since i didn’t really get one…you are stuck with this one….

and i had a headboard….but i ‘ve got about 12 inches on one side (the polka dot wall –there is a heater down there) and about 6 inches on the other side. and i thought it would look awkward with a headboard at the top or bottom.
and i didn’t want to spend money on a day bed….cause, well, i have ants in my pants and rearrange alot..and didn’t want to be stuck with it.
so i painted one (surprise!!!!)
i know. you knew it was coming!
but i appreciate the effort!!!

I pinterested some headboards (it’s like google but much awesomer and less crap to sort through)
and got some basic ideas and sketched a few….

and came up with a basic design…
and sketched it on the wall….

and just started painting….

the first half was really easy…..

 but then you have to match the other side to make it even..and that is the hard part! i used a measuring tape and would measure as I go along…….

all done…..
then i took a bazillion pictures of it…

the end.

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