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gramma allie review!

okay..i’ve been waiting forever to make this joke about momma’s momma…but now i can’t really think of the best set up! darn!
so it’s no secret that i’m obsessed a fan of i am momma hear me roar

and apparently SHE has a mom that roars also…

just like last year we are doing homemade gifts again for the nieces and nephews ….and so when i saw this adorable backpack pattern i was like– little girl number 1 CHECK….semi-little girl number 2 CHECK CHECK….

the pattern is really easy…and not a ton to print off (which i love…i hate using up 14 sheets of paper on a pattern!)  I was really scared…i don’t really do patterns..or follow directions….and i totally didn’t want to mess it up…

but i LOVE how it turned out! now that i have done one i bet i can whip another one out super fast! it looks like it’s complicated but she breaks it down so well that i feel like i’m a backpack expert now!

 it fits an american girl (or the knock off since the AG are so stinking expensive…) but every doll and animal we have took a ride and they all fit!

You can go buy the pattern to this awesome backpack HERE
(as well as the pattern to this SUPER cute cape…(and it’s reversible to SUPERMAN!)

p.s. my daughter LOVES this backpack…i orginally wasn’t even going to make her one..but she hasn’t taken it off…

but of course when i went to take pictures she threw a fit (i even curled her hair)

kids are so much fun. (VVVVEERRRRYYY sarcastically said)

oh well..minnie likes it..

thanks gramma allie…one present down…13 to go.

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