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paper lanterns.

It’s paper lantern craze here on agaagg.
what happened is… I wanted to add some paper lanterns…
and found so many fun ways to do it…that I just couldn’t pick which one…
so I made them all!!!
Here are the ones we will be going over!

These paper lanterns have been through a couple room reveals with a few alternations.
They didn’t survive the fire. Probably hard to clean soot off of all that texture!

Cupcake liner paper lantern:

cupcake liners (now you can totally substitute coffee filters..same basic idea….

had this old lantern i got at a dollar store many moons ago…..and i’ve seen them everywhere since then..(even ones with lights)

I just added a dob of hot glue..
scrunched it up a little bit and added it to my paper lantern….
(FYI..you could use a Styrofoam ball.. I just wanted it open to get the light through it)
the total project used 5 packages of cupcake liners….

Next up…

rosette lantern using crepe paper streamers

I went to the dollar store and scored some streamers

and saw this…and thought “I could cover up this lantern with the crepe paper”

I folded the crepe paper in half and rolled them into little rosettes.

roll and wrap and roll and wrap and sealed the end with a little hot glue.

Then I hot glued all over the lantern

Twine wrapped ball

I was going to do this with regular twine…and mod podge…and make myself a big mess..

but then I found this at joann
(it was $4..but I used my 40% coupon..)

I blew up a balloon

tied the twine to the top of the balloon and started wrapping…

I added little dobs of hot glue to hold it in place until I was done (after you are done you can rip them off really easy and it stays put)

after it’s done I just cut a little hole in the balloon…

and just carefully scooted it out…

sprayed it with some ballet slipper…


Plastic tablecloth ball

ignore the glue gun hair (and yes, I do know the trick of blasting it with a hair dryer to melt them away…but once i spray painted them..they don’t melt away so easily!)

I found this pink tablecloth at the dollar store and knew I could do something with it……
I was originally keeping all the fixtures white but now I’ve decided to add some pink…hopefully, the ideas in my head don’t lead me astray.


and cut me out some circles
and doubled them up..

folded them like a taco….

and hot glued it to my ball…

45 minutes later……(and 5 glue sticks)

I got it finished…..but I used every circle I had!

and i love it!
you could totally space them out and do a loose one….or even add more for a completely fluffy look..this one is somewhere in the middle!!!!
Over time this had faded into a pale pink from being in the sun!
next paper lanterns is not a lantern but a pom

Tissue paper pom pom

two are pom poms…one is a POM?

I know..you can go to Pinterest and see twenty million different arrangements of them…

but I had a few problems with my pom..i’ll show you the how-tos and then I’ll discuss the problems!


tissue paper was $1…

I unfolded it…

and cut it in half…

and then made a perfect square..
(aka..perfect in agaagg life is not really perfect…but if you squint a little it looks okay)
fold it up
accordion style


after its all folded..you round off the edges…
(you know this is a REAAALL professional blog when the camera strap is hanging right in the picture)

I took a wire…wrapped it around the middle..and I left a bunch of extra to hang it with…

then you start pulling…carefully..cause it rips…


so i made a few poms…my first one the tissue paper wasn’t big enough…so the pom just looked like strips….it didn’t even go up the top or bottom….

the second one..i had WAAAY too many tissue paper…and by the time i got about 10 sheets in i could barely pull it out…

(but…don’t go to skimpy on the sheets cause then it won’t look full enough!!!!)


thoughts that ran through my head while i made my pom:
I bet martha made her staff steam the tissue paper to get the wrinkles out.
i’m sure a ruler was involved in making those creases
I loved making fans in grade school
bull crap she cut the scallops with scissors..
I bet what is taking me 10 min takes martha a good hour…(thus her looks better than mine)
I could never work for martha.
i wonder if she would make me wear a button up shirt.

Yarn wrapped lantern

I actually NEEDED this one…. I felt the twine ball was unbalanced because it was the only one with the holes….so i whipped up another one!

I mixed one part flour to two part water…

and threw in my string…(I would wrap it in a ball first then soak it….then pull it out and wrap it around the balloon…running it through your fingers to get the extra goop off….)

then i put it outside to hurry the drying process! (I made a pinata for my son’s birthday in nov….took 3 days to dry!)
and please ignore the big giant elephant ball in the room.  it’s ACTUALLY for another project.

don’t judge.

before I popped the balloon… I pushed it in all around to help break off all the white stuff…

then I deflated the balloon….(do this over the garbage…all the flour flakes come off)
I shot it with some white spray paint
I hang…(all my paper lanterns and thingamabobs are getting hung with this illusion cord…you can hardly see it! thus the name..illusion. )
okay..you can see it in this picture..but in real life, you can hardly see it…
I had a question about how I hang them up… I just use
Which Paper lanterns is your favorite?

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.