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don’t laugh. (my artwork)

Last time I was at my mom’s I grabbed my high school art portfolio.  Oh my gosh. good to know that I was as immature in high school as I was today. I thought I would share some:

i drew a lot of naked babies.
I asked my husband if I could put this in our bedroom…I told him I would say I modeled it after him.
he said no.
one of my favs.
his face has always bugged me..but I liked the soccer ball.
this one is all just scratches
this one is all dots.
this one I started awhile ago and never finished. I am awesome like that.
another unfinished one
this one is my favorite…
do you see that date…1998. I’m old.
I haven’t drawn in years.  I miss it.  my daughter keeps saying, ” you really drew all these” I guess drawing the batman symbol time and time again doesn’t really show off my skills.

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