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prettifiy a binder

Actually…these are for boys..so let’s coolifiy it not prettifiy it.) fabric covered binder

My nephews had a birthday (plural…two separate birthdays)  and they love football cards.  So I coolified a binder to hold their massive ever growing collection of football cards (okay, in all honesty..I just don’t get football cards. why would a boy want these? they don’t seem fun at all)

even with a pocket and a handle.
I know. coolest aunt ever. whatever.
binder (still have some leftover from my school week stash)
I took my fabric and folded down each edge and hot glued it right to the rings.
for the tops and bottoms..just folded in the sides and hot glued.
then I took a 9inch strip
and hot glued it into a strip
and hot glued it the sides of the binder
Then i added a favorite team..and a name or intital
and of course..I hot glued a pocket…to hold any wandering cards.
super easy..super coolified..
and I might have made one for me.
to hold  recipes..( I might have spilled choc milk on my old recipe book) DSC04939
with ruffle..cause i’m cool obsessed DSC04940
too bad this is the only recipe I have in it so far…it’s slow going. we are going to be eating a lot of cheese broccoli soup.

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