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it’s fall….finally!

so I finally FINALLY set out my fall stuff…the leaves are turning yellow and falling….the days are still warm (thank goodness for that) but the nights are getting cold…so I finally am declaring it fall…which means halloween….and I love halloween.
and I love halloween decorations..the gross and eeww and all that jazz…so first up is an eyeball wreath!

i picked these up last year when halloween was over…so about 50 cents (from walmart…I have seen them at target too…)
they are gooey sticky eyeballs.
and I bought a wreath

(I just googled twig wreath)
(I actually found mine at the thrift store…so I paid 1.50 for it. yes mam…bargain shopper!
took those gooey oeey eyes and poked them through the twigs.

they just pop right through…
then I hang it on my door.
now, you could add a bow. but I just wanted a creepy old eyeball wreath.

I had to try it out on all my doors
the glass wasn’t so great…

now, some of the eyeballs get dirty looking….which I like…kinda adds to the whole effect….
and each year I add some more eyeballs….cause I always manage to lose some during the season….

(okay, I know it’s my kids….I always have to say, “quit picking the eyeballs off the wreath!”) and yes, I realize I use a lot of………

a picture of it in action!

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