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my fourth day of tins…..

who knew I could go four days about tin…..Kinda like beating a dead horse…but this one fell into my lap.

picking up where we left off…..
I got my family fun magazine in the mail.
and wouldn’t you know they had a whole craft section about……
mint tins.

the stars were aligned. I loved the funny face one….
so I HAD to make it.
Drew all the parts of a face on white paper
and got some magnet sheets (the ones that come on phone books….cause I m cheap!)
(if any of you are in the pocatello area call sutton family denistry for all your tooth needs.)
glued it on
and cut it out
fill er up
and make some faces
had to decorate the front…I just wouldnt be me if I didn’t.
(this tin is from a willy wonka round weird candy that my daughter begged me to buy and then ate one and thought it was gross. waste of money? I think not.)
(took it to church and it was a HUGE hit!)

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