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How to clean your paint brushes…

I am horrible about cleaning my paint brushes…..I am usually doing two or three projects and I forget (or just don’t want to take the time) to clean out my paintbrushes. Then I am stuck with the hard paint bristles– completely crusted in paint. but I have a trick up my sleeve…… photo 1 (3)


stick your cruddy paintbrushes in Rubbing alcohol. Let them soak for at least an hour. ( I always recycle my kids old plastic cups they get at restaurants ie applebees or my husband’s gas station cups….)
Take your fingernail and pinch the bristles and slide up from bottom to top
and you will see all the paint come up.
I always do this…then stick back in the alcohol for another  hour and repeat. then I rinse them all out and they are as GOOD AS NEW!!!
serious! It has saved me oodles of paintbrushes!!!!!!
(p.s. I have left them in overnight and the paint brushes were just fine!!!)

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