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Charm Bracelet

How do you lose an earring? That has a back? Repeatably? I don’t know how she does it…magic I guess….but Jordan just has a knack for losing just one earring. I take the poor lonely earring and put it in her top drawer….knowing full well that the day I throw it out…the other one will Magically appear.

I was “spring cleaning” not quite spring but if I call it that then I don’t have to do it again in the spring, and came across a whole collection of cute but lonely earrings. Way too cute to just toss in the garbage.

lost earring charm bracelet

I had just watched an episode of Max and Ruby…the one where Ruby gets a charm bracelet? (have you seen it? It’s a good one!) And I thought, how cute. I bet all these earrings would look so cute on a charm bracelet.
tooks some elastic and some beads

A few beads later…..taaaadddaaaaa.

to tie it off I take a crimp bead
put both ends in
and take some pliers and squeeze the crimp bead flat


Now, watch her lose the whole bracelet and all the matches pop up!

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