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Snowcone made from snow!

Today was ANOTHER snow day here in IDAHO! SO MUCH SNOW GUYS!!!! Since we have snow coming out our ears…we decided to do something fun with it! I thought snowcones would be super easy…but of course…the snowcone syrup is not for sale at any stores nearby! So I’ve got an easy snowcone syrup recipe! It […]

kid craft monday (snowflakes!)

We do this every year… and it’s always a huge mess. one year my son kept cutting gun shapes and went around and shot us… but this year I thought we could try some patterns… first: I wanted to show you how I fold my paper to cut snowflakes…. square looks best so always cut your […]

snowman in a hat

Finally we got some snow….not too excited for it…but i have to admit, it looks BEAUTIFUL!  Perfect Time to make a snowman in a hat…. step 1. buy hat (I got this hat at a party store…for about $4.)   step 3. buy scarf (dollar store!) step 4. get some rocks from the yard. step 5. […]