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Throwback Thursday- scripture bag

Today is a quick and easy Throwback! A little embroidery floss…an old scripture bag–and it’s revamped into a new bag for my son! see it HERE!

Throwback Thursday–Littlest pet shop mat

Today’s throwback is another fun hot glue felt activity mat. I LOVE making these. Kind of sad that my kids don’t play with the toys like they used too! My oldest daughter just gave my youngest daughter all her littlest pet shops–so I thought I would snag a few new pictures and update my old post! […]

Throwback Thursday-hand print quilt

Today’s Throwback is one of my favorite projects–the family tree quilt made with handprints!  Me and my sisters all got together and made it for my parents for Christmas—and when I was at my mom’s house on Easter it was sitting there and I decided to snap some better pictures of it!  You can head […]

Throwback Thursday–organizers

This Thursday’s throwback is brought to by ORGANIZERS!!!   Car organizer makeup organizer and a craft organizer Barbie Organizer:   and of course by big mamma jamma roundup of organizers!

Throwback: Barbie organizer

Today’s throwback Thursday is my Barbie organizer~  I sewed this baby almost 5 years ago…and my daughter has stopped playing barbies…so I wanted to show you how she uses it now!   You can see it all HERE!

Throwback Thursday–finish the picture!

Today’s throwback Thursday is a fun and perfect kids activity–finish the picture!  Head here to see the whole how to!

Throwback Thursday–animal scarves

Oh….the weather outside is frightful…so it’s time to whip out the winter wear! Make one of these ADORABLE scarves. Pick a cute stuffed animal and turn it into a scarf!  It’s taking a stuffed animal–cutting it in two (Don’t let you kids watch this part!) and attaching the ends to a scarf! So cute!

Throwback Thursday–Framed Chalkboard art!

Hey! Throwback Thursday is a super easy way to create a big hanging artwork!  What’s fun is that you can do this with a Halloween printable, christmas printable, A teacher’s quote..anything goes! Head HERE to see it!

Throwback Thursday–shoe organizer!

I randomly stumbled upon an old post—that I don’t even remember writing. but it had a bunch of fun things to do with over the door shoe organizer –and I headed to pinterest to add a few more….and TREASURE TROVE!!! I don’t think you understand how many things you can do with these dang things!!! […]

Throwback Thursday–car activity mats

Today’s Throw back Thursday is my roundup of all things activity mats for cars! And of course these can be adapted to work with My little ponies, Littlest Pet shops, Legos, Minecraft, the world is your oyster! Head here to see all 40!